Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Story About Being Chicken

There is an escalator in Washington, D.C. that goes down to the subway platform in Dupont Circle. It is about three or four stories high, but it might as well have been one thousand feet when I approached it because my fear of heights kicked in as I stepped onto the grate and my knees turned to jello. I felt a little bit like Lily does in Chicken Lily, a picture book written by Lori Mortensen and illustrated by Nina Victor Crittenden.

Lily is a chick with many talents. She colors, solves puzzles, and is great at hide-and-seek. Unfortunately, Lily also tends to let her fears get the best of her. She is stubbornly attached to the training wheels on her bike and never speaks up in class, whether she is right or not. Even the most cautious traveler eventually reaches a curve in the path however. Lily the chicken is eventually faced with a situation that has no safe alternatives, the Grand-Slam Poetry Jam. She must face her fear or face certain humiliation. Here is the book trailer:

Kids will enjoy watching Lily trying to wiggle her way out of a tight spot and they will feel her victory when she finally does what she thought she could never do.  A quote by Robin Sharma goes like this: “the fears we don’t face become our limits”. Let’s just say Lily shatters a limit or two in this story.

This book is a great way to show kids that overcoming fears can be rewarding, not just because people cheer for you, but because it is liberating.

P.S. I rode the escalator. Several times.

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