Wednesday, March 28, 2018

My niece wants to be a ballerina and by ballerina I don't mean JUST wearing a pink tutu. I've never seen a 9 year old work so hard and have so much passion for something that would be hard for an adult to accomplish. She practices for up to five hours at a time and when it's over, she keeps dancing around the living room until bedtime. Some people know who they are at a young age.

In Bad Guy, a picture book by Hannah Barnaby, our hero knows at a very young age that he isn't exactly a hero. Not that he minds. He rather enjoys being bad. He announces it on the first page while surrounded by his bad guy accouterments: the white cat, a detonator, and an X on his target. He is a beginner, but he most definitely puts a lot of thought and effort into his villianous deeds -- like trapping superheroes in a cage with hungry lions or sailing the seven seas and keeping all of his treasure to himself. Bad Guy sticks to his no good plans, but he might be overlooking another bad guy right under his nose...

There are a lot of little details in the Bad Guy illustrations that add subversive humor to the story. The look on the cat's face is one, the license plate and book titles are a couple more. Bad Guy has just amount of charm and deviousness to qualify as a 007 villian in training.

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