Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Story About Misunderstandings

Anyone, anywhere who has ever struggled to be themselves while finding themselves surrounded by a million voices telling them they should be something else will relate to this book. Young children will benefit from this book if they can learn this lesson early and learn to love who they are not who other people have labelled them to be.

In Red, a picture book written and illustrated by Michael Hall, we meet a crayon labelled as red, but clearly to anyone without colorblindness, actually being blue. He tried being red. He tried drawing a fire truck, but he wasn't very good at it. He got lots of advice, modeling, partner work. Nothing helped. He couldn't get the hang of being something he wasn't.

I love this book about being true to yourself. It is easy to try to fit in, to make other people happy. It takes courage to express who you are in spite of the critics. It takes courage to defy your label. I think this book illustrates a universal concept in a way that young children will understand and appreciate.

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