Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Story About a Wunderkind

Have you ever met one of those people who is not only full of ideas but also somehow manages to make them all a reality. These wunderkinds can leave us scratching our heads wondering how they get it all done and where they get their inspiration. Are they given more that the 24 hours a day that we are allotted?

The picture book Lola Dutch, written and illustrated by Kenneth and Sarah Jane Wright, is named after the title character who is a "little too much". Lola is extremely creative and will stop at nothing to see her ideas come to life as perfectly as she imagines them. She insists on an elegant breakfast with crepes, pastries, hot chocolate, and grits. After spending hours at the library, Lola and her animal friends are inspired to paint. And bedtime just has to have a grand pillow fort. Watch the book trailer below

When you get to the end you will see that, even though Lola can be a bit too much sometimes, she is really just a kid. Kids have amazing creativity and imagination. Only a few adults retain these talents once the stress of life gets hold of them. Lola Dutch is a celebration of the wunderkind in every child.

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