Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A Story About Brotherhood

There are friends and then there are friends. We can always find a friend to have a good time with, but finding the kind of friend we can communicate with using one word or no words at all is a challenge. Finding one we can face mortal danger with and walk, or swim, away and enjoy an ice cream is...well...a thing of beauty.

Dude!, a picture book written by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Dan Santat, is about two friends who communicate like genuine bros. The bros, a beaver and a platypus, just want to go surfing. Unfortunately, their chosen surfing spot has a danger sign posted on the beach. The pair decide to go for it anyway and end up on an epic adventure.

The awesome thing about Dude! is that it only uses one written word, but there are volumes of unspoken words written between the lines and the drawings. Fear, laughter, terror, empathy, kindness, defeat, ingenuity, and FUN are communicated with the word "dude". Does the word embody so many things because of the rich history decades of brotherhood have imbued it with or did the brotherhood come before the word?  Who cares! Dude! is fun book to read and look at and an wonderful tool to teach inference. Enjoy it with your bro (or sister).

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