Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Story About Rolling with Life's Flow

Life has many twists and turns. Sometimes you find yourself in unexpected places or unforeseen situations. Albert Einstein said, "The measure of intelligence is the ability to change". Kids have a hard time with change. They need stability, but as they grow, perhaps sooner than later, they will face situations in which they have to adapt their attitudes of their view of themselves.

Petra, a picture book written and illustrated by Marianna Coppo, celebrates life situations in which a bit of reinvention might be called for. Petra, a rock, believes she is a mountain, an immovable, unchangeable behemoth that towers above the landscape and across time. Suddenly, a dog comes by that actually towers over her. The dog picks Petra up and sets up a chain of events in which Petra has to redefine her image of herself. Is she an egg, an island, a pet rock?

Circumstances put Petra in different situations, but Petra always believes in herself. Whatever she is, she strives to be the best at it that's a great attitude for kids to learn.

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