About Me

I was born in Texas on Groundhog’s Day. 
Writing and the ocean were my two childhood loves. I studied Marine Biology at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama and spent summers at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab exploring wetlands and guano islands and dodging alligators. I came home to study Oceanography at Texas A&M University in College Station where I experimented on one-celled plants called phytoplankton and got the chance to participate in research cruises which tracked sperm whales in the Gulf of Mexico.
I decided to share my love and knowledge of science as an elementary school teacher and  I currently teach third grade math and science in Houston.
My combined love of the ocean and of writing led to my first children’s story called Dover’s Dilemma about a dolphin with serious trash problems and to a story called Dino, about a dinoflagellate with an identity crisis.
My stories are not just about the ocean, however.  I find inspiration in all of my favorite things.: Travel.  I wrote Brooklyn after my first trip to New York City;  Christmas.  Reindeer Poop is all about the magic of believing.;  and last but definitely not least, daydreaming.  All of my stories begin with my number one favorite activity!

I love picture books. I think they teach us things about life and about ourselves in 1,000 words or less are as profound or, sometimes, more profound that the lessons we find in other genres like novels.  I decided to start sharing some of my favorite books so in the hope that I can help my readers discover or rediscover great picture books to share with their friends and family.
I hope you enjoy sharing my adventures in writing and teaching!

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