Work in Progress

The following are picture book manuscripts which are currently in the process being written, re-written, or submitted for publication:

Dover's Dilemma

Dover is a dolphin on a mission.  After waking up to find his ocean home covered in trash and his friends in danger, he devises a plan to solve the problem through cooperation and teamwork.


Brooklyn is a little bird whose fear of heights causes a big commotion in Central Park.  He eventually learns to overcome his fears, but not without a fight.

The Queen's Buttons

Clara is a selfish princess who discovers, through her royal grandmother's gift of magical buttons, the true value of people and things.


Dino is a dinoflagellate with an identity crisis.  He feels bad for the trouble he causes by just being  himself, until he discovers a hidden talent that makes the world brighter for everyone involved.

Reindeer Poop

Adam is kid who has been trying to debunk Santa Claus for years.  When he finally gets his chance he discovers, much to his surprise, that magic really does exist.

Apple and Rocket

Apple and Rocket are a great team.  Apple is always trying the impossible and Rocket is always there to give her a boost just when she needs one.

Little Flower

Little Flower is a little girl with a bad temper who finds a life lesson in the patience of a Flower (based on the life of St. Therese of Lisieux).